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About Us

The QuickSpin Story

They call it an epiphany.  That moment you realize that something that you've accepted for years as the "only way to do things" may actually be completely and utterly wrong.  That is exactly what happened to QuickSpin inventor and founder Dion Magestro in the Summer of 2014.  There he was cranking away at the handle of his trailer jack after a day of ATV'ing on the trails of Eastern Ohio.  Hot, tired, sore, and getting bit by endless mosquitoes, Dion just wanted to unhitch his trailer as quickly as possible and head on into the house for a hot shower.  Between cranking that handle, replaying the day’s epic ride in his mind, and daydreaming about the shower, a though popped into Dion’s head: “wouldn’t it be cool if there was a tool that could turn this jack 10x faster than I can do it by hand?” 

Dion’s big insight was that, with the right design, he could use an everyday cordless drill to raise and lower his jack.   It wasn’t very long before Dion, with help from his friend and professional race car engine builder Don Blackshear, had a working prototype – and the QuickSpin was born.  After using the device for a while on his own trailer with great results, Dion realized that the QuickSpin could also make life easier for millions of other trailer owners.  Soon after that, he filed for a patent, contacted manufacturers, and started to make plans to sell the device throughout the world.

So, who are we?

Chances are, if you're here to look at the QuickSpin Jack, then we're just like you.  We're outdoor enthusiasts that want to spend a little extra time doing the activities that we love, and a little less time on preparation.  We're guys that have a trailer load of mulch to haul, or a friend's new couch to deliver, and we don't have all day to get it done.  We're entrepreneurs and small business owners that know that time and energy saved on a routine task each day can mean a big difference to the bottom line at the end of the year.

Dion Magestro- President

As the inventor of QuickSpin, Dion was born and raised in Brookfield Twp., Ohio, where he still currently lives with his wife of 36 years, Linda. Together they raised two beautiful and successful children. Daughter Leanne who was born in 1987, is a radiological oncologist in the field of veterinary medicine and currently resides in Raleigh, NC.  Son Ross, born in 1990 is a Sales representative for PPG and was instrumental in landing the Wells Fargo center paint contract in Philadelphia. He currently resides in Columbus, OH. Starting in 1980 Dion owned and operated his beer distributorship in Brookfield Twp for 33+ years and invested in residential real estate before retiring in 2013. He ran for local political office in 2014 and unseated a 20+ year incumbent. Always thinking outside the box Dion decided that along with Ryan Mitchell they could make QuickSpin a name that all trailer owners would know and love.

Ryan Mitchell – Sales & Marketing

For the past 12 years, Ryan has been building and growing businesses as an entrepreneur, consultant, and employee.  After receiving his undergraduate degrees in Finance and Management of Information Systems from the University of Central Florida, he continued on to receive a MBA.  After graduation, he moved back to New Castle and started The Faboratory, one of the first 3D printing companies in the tri-state area.  While at The Faboratory, Ryan worked with inventors, universities, and Fortune 500 companies on product development, prototyping, and commercialization.  For the past 5 years, Ryan has consulted with numerous companies on their business and marketing plans.  He lives in New Castle, PA with his wife and son.